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Government funding is available to support the provision of free, part-time, term-time nursery places for children aged four years old and for three years old children at the start of the term following their third birthday.

Children aged three years of age become eligible for a government funded place of 15 hours free (five three hour sessions per week) at the start of the term following their third birthday. These places are available only during the course of an academic year.


Child's 3rd Birthday is                                                                                 Date eligible for a free

on or between:                                                                                              part-time nursery place:


1 March to 31 August                                                                                    August (Autumn Term)

1 September to 31 December                                                                    January (Spring Term)

1 January to 28 February                                                                             April (Summer Term)


The charges for nursery provision will vary according to family circumstances and some families will be exempt from charging or entitled to a reduced fee level. The Head of Establishment can provide more information on the criteria for the exemption or reduction.

Please refer to the Glasgow City Council Early Years Parent Pack which is available from the Nursery or on the Glasgow City Counsil website.