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Important Dates

Return Date for Teachers:              Monday 12th August 2013

Return Date for Pupils:                   Wednesday 14th August 2013


September Weekend:                     Friday 27th and Monday 30th September 2013


First Mid-Term:                              Monday 14th to Friday 18th October 2013 (inclusive)


In-Service Day 3:                           Monday 21st October 2013


Christmas/ New Year:                  Monday 23rd December 2013 to Friday 3rd January 2014 (inclusive)


2013 Return to School:                Monday 6th January 2014


Second Mid-Term:                        Monday 10th February 2014 and Tuesday 11th February 2014


In-Service Day 4:                           Wednesday 12th February 2014


Spring Holiday:                              Monday 7th April 2014 to Monday 21st April 2014 (inclusive)

                                                         Good Friday is  18th April and Easter Monday is 21st April


May Day:                                         Monday 5th May 2014


May Weekend:                               Friday 23rd May 2014 and Monday 26th May 2014


In-Service Day 5:                           Thursday 5th June 2014


School Closes:                              Wednesday 25th June 2014