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Breakfast Club


Breakfast Club


The Big Breakfast is a service open to all pupils, funded by the Scottish Executive, and offers cereal, milk, toast and fruit juice. 

The Big Breakfast is a great start to the day by providing food in a relaxed atmosphere where pupils can meet friends under supervision, prior to start of school.

Please remember that if your child is attending the Big Breakfast to remind them of road safety. Road crossing patrols will not start any earlier therefore it is the parents responsibility for their child`s safe arrival at school.

Details regarding the timing for the service are as follows.

Breakfast is served: 8 am - 8.45 am to pupils who arrive during these times and go to the dining hall, register attendance and eat breakfast under adult supervision.

From 8.30am, our Partners from Achieve More Scotland provide our children with the opporutnity to engage in a range of different sports activities following breakfast, if they choose to participate. 

Access to playground: 8.45 am - 9.00 am. Pupils have the option to leave dining hall and go to the playground and mix with pupils who have not attended the breakfast service. The adult supervision element is performed by one of the Breakfast Club supervisors. 

There is a charge of £2 per day for the breakfast service. The service will continue to be provided free for those children eligible for a free school meal. Payments should be made online in the same manner as school lunches. 

**Please note that in order to keep our children, their families and staff safe during the current COVID-19 pandemic, places at the breakfast club must be booked on a weekly basis via the school office.